Monday, August 31, 2009

Shooting Gavin and his parents

Gavin just turned a year old! Mommy was really nervous about the photo shoot but Gavin did great!

Gavin has so much energy! Everytime we tried to sit him down, he sprang up and walked away from the scene.
We had such a good time shooting beautiful images at Gavin's house. He's such a cutie and is developing a cute little personality! I know the family is going to love the images!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stephanie and Kevin

Stephanie and Kevin are having a baby soon so met at the Wigwam and took some maternity photos.

They're also getting married next year, so we shot some announcement images as well.

We took advantage of the mirrors for several of the maternity images.

And the gardens for the engagement images. Stay tuned soon for images of the baby!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Images of Oscar at Tempe Town Lake

Oscar and his "nina" met me at Tempe Town Lake today to shoot some images around the water. My clients know I don't normally shoot in the summer but Oscar's visit was ending today and we needed to get the job done! While I waited for them to arrive I scoped out the areas I wanted to shoot in and found an area under the bridge where the weather was a cool temperature the whole time, and the view was amazing! It was so cool under the bridge that we lost all track of time! We made it to Splash around 11 (what a difference in temperature!) but Oscar wasn't as thrilled with the water as he was with the book and the bubbles under the bridge. Oscar was a delight to shoot! He was so animated that his personality came through in each image!